Company Overview
iJET International Inc. is a leader in business resiliency, helping multinational organizations to protect and respond to global threats. iJET was incorporated in 1999 with a mission of protecting international travelers through the use of technology and intelligence. That mission has evolved and broadened through the development of our Worldcue® Global Control Center, integrating world-class open source intelligence with patented technology and an emergency communications center to help multinational corporations and government organizations to protect their people, facilities and supply chain assets. Today, iJET serves over 450 clients, helping them monitor, protect against, and respond to operating threats around the world. The escalation of terrorism, infectious diseases, and unforeseen natural disasters has forced multinational organizations and their employees to re-evaluate their perception of risk. Such events are often beyond a company's control, yet corporate liability and responsibility to employees and assets continues to increase. Additionally, companies are beginning to leverage their risk management and business continuity best practices into competitive advantages, by pursuing new business opportunities or responding to market shifts faster than their competitors. Today’s organizations need a fresh approach and new set of tools to meet the business resiliency demands in today's business environment. iJET has responded to this need by developing an integrated platform of software and services that allow corporate travel, security, risk and logistics managers to monitor and assess global threats relative to their key facilities, people and supply chains; automatically track and communicate with affected parties; and deploy emergency response services throughout the world at a moment's notice. Providing a unified view of threats to assets, Worldcue enables clients to mitigate risks, reduce corporate liability and prepare for and respond to crises.
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iJET International Incorporated
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